What Sarah Can Do For You

Please use the contact form to reach me for the following services.


1. Agribusiness Consultancy:

I provide information on various opportunities in the Agribusiness sector and guide clients on choosing a path. I help them with finding their niche and workable feasibility studies.

2. Fish Farm Setup:

For farmers or intending farmers who already carved their niches in fish farming, I provide farm setup services. Agriculture being a broad subject, I am a specialist on fish farming, production, technicalities, and value addition. I also work with other service providers such as constructors, input suppliers and other vendors to set up a functional, profitable farm structure.


3. Trainings and Extension: 

I train existing and intending fish farmers on the technicalities of profitable fish farming. I also engage in extension services to farmers.

4. Value Addition Services:

I offer and advise value addition services. Value addition encompasses post-harvest handling, processing, preservation, and branding. I have a broad experience in the agricultural value chain especially of fish and fish products. I understand the intricacies both on the technical and business sides.


5. Sale and Marketing:

I help farmers and value addition businesses to find market for Agric and Agro-Allied products and services.
Sarah Olabisi Fagoyinbo
Sarah Olabisi Fagoyinbo
Sarah Olabisi Fagoyinbo
Sarah Olabisi Fagoyinbo